Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cowell & Hubbard

This is an excellent addition to downtown’s fancy food scene! Zach Bruell keeps wowing us – again and again! The first time I visited here – I was thrilled to try French cuisine. When I left, I had this sudden positive attitude towards life – you know like when you are absolutely content with what just happened in the last 2 hours!

I respect ZB. My stomach and taste buds respect ZB – a lot! He maintains the whole “Cleveland love” theme by naming this restaurant after a local 1920’s jewelry shop. Its ambiance has that downtown chic look ....maybe a little too dark for me, but who cares if the food tastes good!
The menu is pretty arduous to choose from. One, I have no clue about many of the French culinary terms. And second, I felt like ordering every item on the menu! Each is  eye-catching and very hunger-provoking! But I bet you will be very content even if you order randomly!

We ordered “La Poire Boheme” and “Peach Pomme Grenade"– these were real drinks – not overpriced tasteless watered down drinks.

Then comes the ZB bread ( I say that coz its same bread as served in Chinato) – very light n crispy crust.

For appetizer, we decided to go with “Beef Ceviche” – which I thought was a weird dish for French restaurant. But then may be ZB never said this is exclusive French! There comes a extremely colorful plate….the beef is raw but very very tender. And it has papaya in it!! I cannot not remember the last time I had papaya! That is the one ingredient that makes this ceviche so unique and mind blowingly refreshing!

For  entrée -  “Lamb breast in Moroccan spices with yougurt & cous cous” – I took my first bite and it’s a  divine orgasm in mouth! Exquisite lamb, simple but savory cous cous : perfect plate! You don’t know what you are missing until you try this!
“Red Fish with Gnudi”  I think the portion for this entrée was little too large. But that Gnudi was heavenly! It almost melts in your mouth.
“Butter Poached Radishes” – nothing goes wrong with butter!

We had “Lavender Ice cream” for dessert. I wish at this point I would have something negative to say – but I just don’t! An uncomplicated bowl of splendor!
Don’t wait for that special night – try this tonight! It is little expensive – but its every cent worth it! If you are into diet or are calorie conscious – fuck all that and go eat here! Its every calorie worth it!
Thank you ZB!
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Anonymous said...

I could use one of those drinks right now...I don't care if it's 9:20am! My stomach is starting to grumble after reading those descriptions and seeing those pictures. Can't wait to go back there!